The Gift of Intuition

Learn how to open your heart and trust your gift of intuition!

Are you someone who struggles with fear and anxiety?

Do you find yourself wanting to control a situation to get a specific outcome?

Do you wish you knew what your life mission was?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, it may be time for you to reconnect with your gift called intuition.

Your intuition is the ability to understand something immediately without the need for conscious reasoning. When you are in touch with your intuition you connect to that universal place within called your Soul. You can think of your Soul as your core essence –  that place inside that reminds you who you are, what you are here for, how you are connected and what you can do to always live your life for the highest good.  I know it sounds heavenly…

When you are in touch with your intuition and in tune with the subtle messages or whispers your Soul is sending, you discover that place inside of you called true authenticity.

When you are living an authentic life, you get to let go of worrying about how things should be. You get to stop worrying about the past and anticipating the future. When you trust that your Soul will guide you towards your higher good you can let go of thinking that you don’t measure up. All things are happening exactly as they should at exactly the right time. As a result of living authentically, you find that place inside where it all feels natural and calm and pure. Isn’t that what we all want?  To feel connected to something deeper and trust that we are doing the best that we can.

When you are living your life from an ego-based place of fear, you are not connected to the authentic messages your Soul is trying to deliver.

You may be out of tune with life’s synchronicities or unable to notice the subtle hints or messages from your Soul. This usually happens because your life is too full of static from the fears and worries you have about the world around you.

Are you someone who has trouble slowing down long enough to create a balance between work and play? Do you put others before yourself and ignore your own self-care routines? Do you go through life with a tightness in your chest and find that you are unable to relax and experience true joy? If so, it may be time to reconnect with your Soul and trust your intuition.

Your Soul is here to help you enjoy life both as an individual and as a collective.

When you can live in the present, remember gratitude for all that you have, make time for yourself and trust the nudges that come from inside, you will shift your energy to a higher vibrational path that raises the consciousness of everyone around you.

Now I know this is a huge concept and certainty not one that I can fully address in a blog post here today, but my hope is that you will open your heart and start awakening to the signs around you. Getting in touch with your intuition takes practice and patience but we each have the gift. All we have to do is decide to pay attention to what the world around us is trying to communicate and notice the effect it has on our body, mind and spirit.

So what is the best way to get in touch with your intuition and start reconnecting with your Soul? Great question.

I find that a morning practice of tuning in, getting intentional, sitting still and asking for guidance is the easiest way to start. If you want to start your day from a place of calm and centered instead of frazzled and worried…this may be just what you are looking for.

Consider joining my Morning Ritual Challenge later this week on my Facebook Group – True Healing with MG if you would like to learn more about tapping into your own intuition and creating a morning ritual.

No need to worry this is not a practice that takes hours to do. You can make some small changes in as little as 20 minutes a day by choosing what to work on each morning.

Give yourself the gift of trusting your intuition so you can open your heart, release your fears and begin living the life you are meant to live.

I promise it works… and I hope I see you in my Facebook Group later this week to show you how!

Peace & Love xoxo


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Marietta is a holistic health coach who is passionate about helping women heal naturally from the inside out. She is a cancer survivor and self-care advocate who learned that True Healing occurs when we find the balance between our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies. She hopes to help women who are stuck in illness make a shift so they can release fear, open their hearts and trust their intuition. She loves to dance Qoya, practice mindfulness, read, witness the magic of the Universe and spend time with her family. Through group programs, coaching, writing and speaking engagements she hopes to help women take a deep breath and relax into better health!​

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